Atma Sphere M-60


4 500 EUR

Atma Sphere M-60, MK 3.2 with upgrades, OTL amplifiers 2x60w.

Hello, I am selling a pair of tube amplifiers type OTL 2x60 W from Atma Sphere, model M-60. Version MK 3.2, with all upgrades (Caddock, powerboost etc.). This is one of the best tube amplifiers ever built, winning 11 awards. Its purchase price in an upgraded version is around € 9,500. In excellent condition ! I am selling it only to switch to the MA-1 model, following the purchase of a pair of Soundlab panels which are more watt hungry than my Quad ESL 2912 speakers. Before using M-60 I had in my home: Quad II forty, Quad II eighty, Ear Yoshino 534, Ear Yoshino V12. I also tested EAR 509, Jadis JA80, several McInotsh and some transistor amplifiers. To my ears, M-60 is much better than all these amplifiers. M-60 will easily outperform any competition amplifier (in the same price-range). For those who do not know, OTLs are tube amplifiers without output transformer. This esoteric technology was developed by Futterman, Fourrier, Tenor, Berning and some other tube gurus. Today, the reference in the “OTL environment” is Atma Sphere. This is one of the finest amplifiers you can find regardless of its price. Contact me for more details (phone, whatsapp, skype etc.). Check out my 100% positive and audiophile-only profile.

paris, France
Submitted by ocean on 2020-03-08 23:35:55
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