Mark Levinson No.31 Reference CD Transport, Rare,


3 700 EUR

If you’ve never seen this unit in person prepare to be in awe. Too bad America doesn’t build audio equipment like this anymore! This thing is ridiculous in both size, weight, and design.

In 1993 this reference unit cost a staggering €7200. To buy a transport nowadays of this quality you’d have to drop close to €17000. CD’s haven’t changed much since that era, so there would be few benefits to buying a current reference unit, unless you’re into burning your own MP3 CD’s.

On the back you will find a highly regarded ST Glass Fiber interface of the 150MHz variety. If you are lucky enough to have a DAC with this sort of input - be sure to use it. There are also Toslink, Coax and XLR digital connections.
Flanking the unit you will notice two large power supplies in their own housing. It’s essentially a 3 piece transport with all pieces attached together. I challenge you to find a similar unit in design and extravagance. Shipping weight is a staggering 62 lbs.

London, United Kingdom
Submitted by David Weil on 2020-09-10 15:27:28
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